With my beloved Scottish Terrier, Kali

Alé Ceramics

I like how the expression “alé” is often used as a way of encouragement, equivalent to motivational phrases such as “go ahead!!”, “you can do it!” or “keep pushing”. And given that my name starts with those three letters, I decided to mark my work with this cheering and playful word.

My name is Alejandra Morales, and I was born and raised in the Caribbean island of Puerto Rico. At a certain point of my life, I decided to start a new life abroad, traveling to various countries around the world, where I had the great opportunity to discover my love for all things pottery. Falling in love with the rich history and culture of the Mediterranean, I decided to settle down in the wonderful region of Tuscany (Italy), where I began my journey in the world of ceramics.

With the loyal company of my Scottie dogs, Peluca and Kali, I’ve been shaping with my hands pieces of stoneware clay that reveal my appreciation, curiosity, and interaction with different cultures, the animal world, and environmental issues. This constant exposure to new things and information, acts as my fuel to produce an ever evolving body of work, that carries as its stamp a seal of love and optimism.